We are convinced that Google+ became Google myBusiness, (we know it’s not the case, but you get my point. . . )

Not too long ago we were chatting with another development company about how important Google myBusiness is, and they gave us the following information. A new study of 45,000 local businesses reveals how customers are finding and interacting with Google My Business listings. New research from BrightLocal explores Google My Business insights trends for 36 different industries […]

We Rank #1, Here are our secrets. . .

SEO generally involves a bit of shifting around tags, carefully creating highways for crawlers to find your pages, and meticulously linking authoritative websites to slowly climb up the rankings. While it’s true that the “if you build it, they will come” approach to web content does not actually drive traffic – because good content doesn’t always […]

Who and What is Influencing your campaign? #allthingsweb

If you are like most people in the marketing department of a small to mid size company, most likely you are sitting in meeting after meeting listening to the “boss” spew the ridiculous idea of hiring some hot young thing from Instagram to help push your product. and the crazy part is that it could […]

I Hate New Projects. . . #allthingsweb #marketingmedia

  We recently obtained a new client which sounds great but there’s actually huge drawback to this. You’re excited of the potential that this client brings to our company most people would be foaming at the mouth to have this opportunity but I’ll tell you what we’re actually really scared let me explain this to […]

The “5C’s” to SEO, . . #allthingsweb #marketingmedia

The 5 SEO ‘Magic Bullets’ Over the years, I’ve worked hard to try and explain the complex dance we call SEO in simplified terms.It’s not an easy task.In working to explain SEO in a simple form, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are five things, that if done better than any other site, will […]