I Hate New Projects. . . #allthingsweb #marketingmedia

  We recently obtained a new client which sounds great but there’s actually huge drawback to this. You’re excited of the potential that this client brings to our company most people would be foaming at the mouth to have this opportunity but I’ll tell you what we’re actually really scared let me explain this to you. We literally have to come up with a name of a company a logo design a website figure out their marketing figure out how to put dietary software into this website that has yet to be developed and we have no budget to work with nor do we even know if this person serious about pursuing this idea but they did pay us to start making some progress and we are confused and flabbergasted. Now I know most new startups out there will take on any project at any level just to get their name out there before exposure but me and my partner we’ve basically work for firms that take on stupid projects and we sit in the lunch room and go out of the office and complain that the people that take these projects on are ridiculous. And it’s true, a lot of people take on projects that they think that they can handle but the reality is they don’t. Reason why we decided to take on this project is for a favor for a person we know it was going to be difficult but yet for doing it more or less not from a business standpoint that I have to keep people that we love happy.
      And the reason why we hate new projects is because we neglect our other paying clients that we worked with for months and they know what we wants they know what they want and you’ve built this relationship where it’s almost like clockwork at this point there’s certain things that they don’t need to concentrate that we can handle for them there’s other things that they do that we don’t need to do it’s a great relationship and most of the time when people are doing what they have to do to succeed you tend not to interrupt that progression. So what do we do move in solid? How much do we charge? Where do we even start? There’s a ton of questions that haven’t been answered yet and we don’t even know where to start and at the same time we’re so worried about making sure that this person’s happy that we don’t even figure out the basics of Step One you literally have to start a business for someone else build proprietary software that has the potential of failing and yet most companies would be jumping all over this so is it a confidence thing is it an unsure thing? No it’s just a time thing. And that’s the honest truth do we really want to spend time building a business for someone else do you really want to take the time to try to figure out the likes and dislikes of this person for a company moving so it’s a very frustrating business that were in but at the same time it’s the most exciting ever. If you want to follow how we’re doing with this company click HERE and follow us as we take this journey together. 

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