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You are here for 1 of 3 reasons. Your idea is either stuck, broke, or premature. #thatsalright #whywearehere #amirite?


Problem solving

We love puzzles. Heck that's what we are about. That's what everyone should be doing. Anyone can point at a problem; it takes a special breed to want to solve that problem.

all devices, all avenues

Again, it's weird when we see agencies say, "We design for web and mobile" or "Mobile first!" Listen, that's a bunch of nonsense. First, there isn't a second internet for phones. So let's get that out of the way. Second, device priority should based on specific analytics data, not a myths.

Multi-level solutions

Yes the web is a powerful tool but so is a chainsaw. Knowing which set of tools to use for specific applications and campaigns is a must. Think about how silly you'd look eating Cheerio's with a hammer.

Market your brand

The words "Branding" and "Marketing" are often thrown around a lot. It's actually more difficult and precise than it's made to look. Branding and marketing are symbiotic. If the product is bad and the marketing is great = fail. This works both ways. It's like going to the gym and only working out your arms. Bird legs.

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