The Power of EMail. . . #allthingsweb

The last few days I have been working with a jewelry designer and they are in the middle of getting ready to launch a clothing line. The topic in most of the conversations is Branding. It’s the part of the job that I thrive with, creativity runs through me, and I love it, I get behind a product and get to use old ideas with new products. You know the cycle.

The one thing I was able to see as a behind the scenes exclusive was came from their Google Data Studio. In the past few months almost $250,000 was generated from and only their email campaigns. the direct contact to the customers, the availability that they have to talk directly and push products that they want out of inventory is amazing. I’m blown away by what has been produced, only from emails. The website is down, and I’ll be sharing the link shortly, but they are still pushing their products in their emails.

I know that most companies are making efforts to push products through their social platforms, and it seems like it is working. But Emails are primitive and are still working.

Leave a comment about what and how your email campaigns have or not have worked for you.

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