Who and What is Influencing your campaign? #allthingsweb

If you are like most people in the marketing department of a small to mid size company, most likely you are sitting in meeting after meeting listening to the “boss” spew the ridiculous idea of hiring some hot young thing from Instagram to help push your product. and the crazy part is that it could work. The truth is that 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t. Most of you reading this right now are going to argue with me and attempt to prove me otherwise, the fact is what I’m saying it true. Don’ believe me, go through whatever Instagram account you have and tell me the last thing you bought because you saw it in a post.

If you are in the marketing world the chances are that you are not going to just buy something, or even be moved to buy something because you saw it and it looks cool. The old we get the more our purchases become practical. Let’s not go deep into our shopping patterns, I personally haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in I couldn’t tell you how long. I have been known to spend a pretty penny on Nike Air Max 90’s, (if any of you have them in Blue and Orange, hit me up!)

Let’s get into the reason why this method of Marketing is just a short cut in my opinion. Please always remember that is what most of this blog is, my opinion, but opinion rooted in fact and experience. So, based on the experience portion, not too long ago I was working at a Fantasy Gaming App, one of those companies that you literally saw posted at every sporting event in North America, when we were getting to launch the product, the “boss” had the idea that we should hire an “Instagram Influencer” the concept was in the infancy stages and we were looking for anyone that basically communicated back to us. Believe it or not, at this time is only cost us $100 to get 2 Instagram posts from something that had 500k followers, and cost us $5000 for a tweet from a B rated athlete. The times were very different 5 years ago. The point is that no matter what was being spent we were looking for a direct reach of about 2,000,000 people. The craziest part of all of this was the time spend in meetings trying to work out different versions of a tweet, one that would have the biggest impact and best called to action. One that would grab awards and make other companies beg for our genius, The tweet read, ” go sign up today . . . (insert link) #(NDA) can’t say what the company was. LOL

That was it, people didn’t do anything, the time we spent trying to get someone to influence their followers, was a complete waste of time. We didn’t really know that it would take to convert. If you are following someone chances are they are apart of your daily routine. Example PODCASTS, they are literally replacing music in my life. I listen to more podcasts then ever before.

One example of this is The History Hyenas Podcast. If I have to explain how podcasts work, then you are in a very different place and you need to start rethinking the way modern marketing works. The fact of the matter is not unless you are trying to get a product that solves peoples daily problems an “influencer” is not where you need to look, Use your SEO and social media skills first, Need help with that, hit us up, or email me directly,


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